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Pelatihan di Yogyakarta
Pelatihan di Yogyakarta

Achievement Motivation



Bandung, Oct 13 – 15, 2010
Jakarta, Oct 27 – 28, 2010


Rp. 6,000,000 / person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation, (Bandung)
Rp. 4,500,000 / person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation, (Jakarta)
But including daily lunch, 2 times Coffee breaks, Training Kits, Souvenir & Program books.


Menggeluti dunia pengembangan SDM sejak 1995, dan memulai karir di sebuah Perusahaan General Contractors Nasional dari seorang staff sangat biasa hingga jadi seorang Senior HR Manager.
Menjadi Pembicara juga menjadi Master Of Ceremony diberbagai event di Indonesia. Calon artis Indonesia ini memiliki Motto “Kalau dengan berlari bisa mendapatkan 100, kenapa harus berjalan kaki hanya mendapatkan 10”.
Membawakan pelatihan/training baik In-house maupun public class lebih dari 500 angkatan, seperti BI, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, BTN, BCA, Lippobank, Ganesha Bank, Bank Niaga, Bank Woori, Bank Mizuho, Toshiba, Indosat, Bakrie Esia, Profito Andalan Kita, FIF, ACC, SMS Finance, Adira Finance, Pemda Langkat, PGN, PT. Bintang Niaga Jaya, GE Money Indonesia, Indomobil Finance, Depnakertrans, Dep PU, PT Argha Karya Prima, PT Binder Indonesia, Sucofindo, ITI Serpong, Century 21, PT Watson Wyatt, PT Global Sarana Sukses, Artajasa, etc.
Dengan konsep Edutainment, tentu Pintor Sagala menjadi sahabat yang disenangi audiensnya, karena gaya yang “bersahaja”.


This Two days Achievement Motivation training/workshop helps diagnose the lack ingredients to boost achievement motivation on the job and lead the participants to finding new joy and productivity in their job. This workshop is designed for professionals to engage and energize their efforts and in performing their jobs. We offer you a good program that is filled with real-life experience from real workplaces as well as exercise, game, and role plays that will help the participants perform their job with renewed vigor and commitment.

– Providing tools to identify the current road blocks for success, remind the passion and rekindle the joyful spirit one’s brought to the job on day one of his or her job;
– Rewiring one’s goal setting to focus on inputs rather than outcomes;
– Preparing employees to take charge for their career growth and happiness and how to work with decision makers to pave them;
– Provide tips for managers and supervisors for building a successful, high-performing team.

Course Content
Day One : Introduction

– What is a success?
– What does it mean by staying competitive in the new economy?
– Reviewing Your Success
– Exercise to review your current outlook
– Goal Setting; Creating Your Vision Scorecard:
– Personal Strategic Planning
– Stress-O-Meters, how close are you from burning out?
– Exercises

Day Two : Motivation and Achievement

Motivation & Self Mastery
– Motivator and Anti-motivator
– Are you ready for a change?
-What behavior do you want to change
-What new behavior do you want to establish
– Turning Stress Into Energy
– Net Working Guide
– Developing Rapport: strategies for building and maintaining trust
– Your Own Reality, Self Assessment
– Managing Your Boss

Day Three : Outdoor Program & Preparing for A Change
– Self- Assessment
– Are you ready for a change?
– Do not underrate your hobby
– Your definition of leading balance of life
– Interdependency
– Bitter reality: Finding the humor in tough situation
– Dealing with you as obstacle between you and what you want at work
– Action Plan for Your Personal Strategic Planning

– Silahkan isi form dibawah ini jika anda ingin mendaftar :

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