9th-11th November 201


Novotel Hotel, at Brigjen Ery Suparjan No 2, Balikpapan Kalimantan Timur

– Meeting room hotel (*****)
– Training Kit
– Coffee Break & Lunch
– Exclusive Souvenir
– Certifikat
– Soft copy materi


IDR 8.000.000,- For sending 3 participant from the same company IDR 7.500.000,-/participant NON RESIDENCIAL.


Mr. Wakidin
– Experience in Production Operation previously at Operation BKKA, Pertamina Exploration and Production, Marketing and Shipping BOB PT Bumi Siak Pusako-Pertamina Hulu.
– Former of Quantity Accounting Corporate Team at Pertamina Holding Company and Instructor at the Quantity Accounting System Course where previously initiative by Pertamina Holding Company and BKKA.
– Member of BPMIGAS team to prepare The “Pedoman Umum Pelaksanaan Operasi BPMIGAS”.
– Acting Operation Manager at KSO Pertamina EP-PT Geraldo Putra mandiri.


Crude Oil is produced from the reservoirs pass through well head at the surface and then collected at the Block Station for separation of Oil, Gas and Water.
After from Block Station or Gathering Station Crude Oil will be transferred by pipe line to the Mine Oil Storage or Terminal. At the Mine Oil Storage or Terminal production from all field collected together then transferred to Refinery, Domestic or Export.
The philosophy and procedure for crude oil processing, transporting and storage handling are: Safety, Minimized losses and pollutions, No changing the quality and avoid contamination.
In the other hand many companies carry out its product by joining with transporter, where has been established the pipeline system for transfer to the refinery or Terminal.
This course is also thoughtful study how to transfer crude oil joining with Pipeline Transporter, cooperation with other companies in the Joining Pipeline Agreement.
Therefore this course will focus to explain and discussed how to handling “Production Operation”, “Crude Oil Pipe line Transportation”, “Crude Oil Storage”, “Lifting Procedure”, “Off take Procedure and Nomination”.

After this course the participant will be able to:
– Carry out Production Operation at the Block Station.
– Understanding of crude oil transportation by pipeline.
– As a duty at the Mine Oil Storage, Terminal.
– To arrange and planning of Lifting and pumping schedule.
– Understanding custody transfer meter, crude oil measuring and calculation system.

This course is recommended to the employees who are working at Block Station, Gathering Station, Pipeline Operation, Mine Oil Storage and Crude Oil Terminal, Crude Oil Accounting and Member of Shipping Coordination.

The Syllabus of this course consists of:
1. Crude Oil Production Operation
Production collecting system at the Block Station, Manifold and header, Block Station, Gathering Station or satellite.
2. Production Separation and Stabilization
Objectives of separation, type and equipment inside Separator, Stabilities principle, Stabilizations with reduced the pressure and stabilization with distillation type.
3. Crude Oil Transportation by Pipe Line
Equipment of pipeline system, Pumping, Combine Pumping, pumping type selection. Transportation of Low Pour Point crude oil by heating or suspension system.
4. Storage Handling, Lifting and Crude Oil Measurement
– Crude oil storage type of storage tank and accessories.
– Procedure measurement and calculation of crude oil in the storage tank (static measurement) consist of: Level and temperature measurement of fluid in the storage tank, Crude Oil Sample taking from inside the tank, Laboratory analysis to determine of Density/Specific Gravity/API Gravity and BS&W content of the Crude Oil.
– Crude Oil Stock Calculation consists of: Step of Crude Oil Stock Calculation, Reading of Tank Table, and Reading of ASTM – IP Table.
– Measurement and calculation Procedure of crude By Flow Meter consist of: Explanation working system of Flow Meter, Procedure of proving and calculation the Metering System by Proper Meter.
– “Lifting Procedure”, “Off take Procedure and Nomination”.


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